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Agriculture Solutions


We are in service in the agricultural sector with farmer-friendly solutions.

Silage is a feed obtained as a result of fermentation (souring) of water-rich feed under the influence of lactic acid bacteria in an airless environment. It is the process of wrapping the feed product with stretch by means of a machine after it is shrunk to a certain size and baled.

In our silage stretch films;

  • It has excellent adhesion strength to ensure optimal fermentation.

  • It has an improved sealing feature for air and moisture.

  • It is resistant to harmful sun rays for 12 months with its special UV stabilizer.

  • It has high impact, tear and puncture strength.

  • It has a plastic coil feature that is resistant to all weather conditions, does not deteriorate and does not expand.

  • It is compatible with all types of wrapping machines and different types of bale wrapping.

  • It is used in every product made in bales. (Straw, clover, corn, pulp etc.)

  • 100% recyclable.

  • It is produced in ISO 9001 standards.

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