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High Quality Printing


We make high quality printing on plastic and fabric in our printing facilities.

 Flexography is a cost-effective printing process that uses a flexible printing plate (plate) composed of photopolymers and fast-drying inks to print on a variety of substrates. Flexographic printing can be used on different materials such as plastic, paper, foil and metal coated films.

Flexography is especially useful for high coverage, special metallic colors, texts offering a wide color gamut and precision of detail.

and suitable for printing with varnishes. Your packaging can be printed using UV or UV LED, EB, water-based or solvent-based inks. A wide variety of 10-colour flexo printing options are available to make your product eye-catching and aesthetically appealing to any consumer. We meet and exceed the most demanding customer needs for packaging a wide variety of food, personal care, pet food and industrial products using a variety of materials such as film, paper and foil. Our packaging products are carefully tailored to ensure the high quality of your pre-made packaging in the most cost-effective solutions.

✓ A wide variety of surface options are available (matte, glossy, matte and glossy lac combinations, paper-like printing, anti-fog) 
✓ Background printing
✓ Multiple film and barrier options (including high barrier aluminum packaging, retort packaging, hot fill bags)
✓ Different size, color, style and material available 
✓ Solvent and solvent free lamination 

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